The Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project

It’s January 2020, and time for a new set of resolutions. So, I resolve to DO the things I’ve been saying I would do. One of those things was to stop being afraid of my website. If I pretend I’m talking to myself here, instead of to an audience, I might be able to do it.

So, my most recent art project is a sketchbook for the Brooklyn Library Sketchbook Project. The book is supposed to be in Brooklyn in about a week. Brooklyn is about a million miles from here, as the crow flies. Given that it’s the Sunday of a long weekend, and if I send it by airmail I estimate it will be there about a week or two late.

My sketchbook is about some of the birds at home, so I named it Home Birds. There are about 150 different species of native birds, plus farm birds, and pets. So, which ones to choose, you ask? The prettiest? The ugliest? Biggest vs smallest? Funniest or friendliest? In the end, the decision evolved organically. If I sat down to draw and a bird was outside my window, I drew it. If birds were making a noisy racket outside, they made it into the pages. And my peacock….. my beautiful friend who came to stay, he made it too.